Black Label BBQ Charcoal Bulloak 6kg

Black Label BBQ Charcoal Bulloak 6kg

Spinifix BBQ Charcoal

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Black Label BBQ Charcoal Bulloak 6kg

Spinifex Country BBQ Charcoal has expanded its range to include our BLACK LABEL brand: Australian Bull Oak – the WORLDS HARDEST timber, the all time favourite Ironbark and Western Grey Box for a milder delicate flavour.

PACK SIZE: 20Ltr (approx 6Kg)

You will find that our hand made BBQ charcoal is slow, hot burning and smoke free. We use a high temperature environmentally friendly process which burns the smoke and pollutants during production. This method is used so that the noxious tars and gases which are created by conventional charcoal making methods are burnt and not released into the atmosphere thus minimising environmental pollution. The resulting BBQ charcoal is lighter, cleaner, hotter burning and doesn’t taint your food with chemical tastes.

Our process is labour intensive and our charcoal is only available in limited quantities – charcoal that we are proud to put our name on – and you’ll be proud to cook with.  We only supply our charcoal to select distributors, please contact us for their details.

Whenever you use our Australian made charcoal you can feel satisfied that you are using a world premium product and not supporting imported inferior charcoal made from the large scale clearing of mangroves and rainforest species by environmentally damaging practices.

Our charcoal is produced with sensitivity to maintaining and improving the biodiversity on The Oaks. It is produced using thinnings from the Private Native Forest operation in an almost smokeless and pollution free method. In addition to maintaining a high level of compliance with the Private Native Forestry code, we also practice our own extension of high requirements for a sustainable forestry operation.  We believe that increasing biodiversity is important to the overall health of our paddocks and the world and so practice over and above the code standards.